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Διεύθυνση21/33 Krzhizhanovskogo Str., Bldg. 1, Moscow 117218
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Πληροφορίες ALEF-BANK

Joint Stock Commercial Bank ALEF-BANK (CJSC JSCB Alef-Bank) was established in March 1992. In October of the same year, after a license for operations in Rubles was obtained, the Bank started its activities on the financial market. Starting from the beginning of 1998, the Bank has been a licensed professional participant of the securities market. In 2000 a general license for carrying out banking operations was obtained. Joining the VISA INTERNATIONAL payment system allowed the Bank to issue its first bank card in May 2002. ALEF-BANK can offer its customers a wide range of services, including opening and operating accounts and other services. In March 2005 the Central Bank's Banking Supervision Committeemade a positive conclusion on CJSC JSCB Alef-Bank’s joining the Deposit Insurance System.

The strategic objective of the Bank’s development is creation of a universal commercial bank, offering the widest range of banking services. Under this strategy, the Bank focuses its efforts on several key directions of its activities, including:

  • Constant improvement and expansion of the range of services using individual approach to customers’ needs;
  • Development of modern banking technologies;
  • Active expansion of banking activities with focus on servicing small and medium businesses.

Our team of highly skilled professionals ensures development of a competent strategy to be rigorously pursued by the Bank.

Pragmatic goal-setting, thorough analytical approach, the ability to foresee the consequences of its decisions and conservative asset management policy have allowed the Bank to overcome many crises without incurring losses and to maintain its competitiveness.

Positive long-term results of the Bank’s activities, joining the Deposit Insurance System, compliance to the best banking practices standard and high credit rating allow the Bank to look towards the future with confidence.

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