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Μορφή της ενσωμάτωσηςCJSC
ΠόληSt. Peterburg
Διεύθυνση197022, St. Petersburg, str. Professora Popova, 47
Τηλέφωνο+7 (812) 320-4333
Η διεύθυνση της εταιρείας στο Διαδίκτυο
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Πληροφορίες Atlas Tour

Travel company "Atlas", founded in 1991, has a reputation as a reliable company, fulfill orders of any complexity. The company staff - skilled managers who receive special education travel, speak foreign languages and have a great experience. Annually, tourism manager participate in promotional tours to enhance their expertise that allows them to freely navigate the market's best hotels in the world. General Director Dmitry Smirnov headed the company since its inception.

Currently, "Atlas" is a leading multi-tour operator of St. Petersburg, a member of the Russian Union of Tourist Industry and the Association of tourist and excursion companies in St. Petersburg. Four offices are located in central St. Petersburg, near metro stations.
Expertise and professionalism
Company "Atlas" specializes in out group and individual tourism in dozens of countries around the world, is engaged in domestic tourism, has been accepting foreign and nonresident tourists in St. Petersburg, independently develops and sells tours to rest and travel on the excursion routes. The company has developed original author's routes in France, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, the Czech Republic and Holland. "Atlas" has a high reputation and is the largest St. Petersburg operator in Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Thailand.

The variety of proposals for domestic tourism - a distinctive feature of "Atlas". Sightseeing tours and holiday resorts in Russia and CIS countries, in the Crimea and the Caucasus, a unique pilgrimage tours, holiday in resorts in the Leningrad region - this is not a complete list of available opportunities.

Consistently high level of service and traditional hospitality of regular partners in many countries around the world make the rest with the tourist company "Atlas" comfortable and memorable.

In addition, "Atlas" has setgoletny successful experience working with corporate clients from different business sectors, organization of business and corporate travel across Russia and abroad.

Today "Atlas" is developing dynamically and is up to date and meet requirements of customers, partners' wishes, increasing standards of quality tourism and hospitality industry. The company builds effectively work with agencies, is expanding its customer base, enhances the quality of service and every season launches new tourism projects.

In 2008, "Atlas" was made by the customer's own charter to the island of Corfu (Greece). In June this year, Russian tourists has become available even a Greek resort: "Atlas" organized Russia's first direct charter flight to the island of Zakynthos (carrier - STC "Russia"). In the summer season in 2008 thanks to the emergence of a new summer tour program on the island of Zakynthos rested more than 1 thousand tourists from St. Petersburg.


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