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Πληροφορίες Vseved

Company VSEVED TRAVEL is pleased to offer you unforgettable tours to exotic destinations, family vacation with children in Europe or in resort areas, special offers on tours during the holidays and vacations, sightseeing and individual tours to exclusive programs in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean.

We are working on many fronts: England, Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, France, Malta, Spain, Italy, Austria, Cyprus, Turkey, UAE, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Egypt, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Maldives, Seychelles and the Caribbean .

We also offer study abroad for children, pupils, students and adults: English in England, Malta and Ireland, French in France, Spanish in Spain and German in Germany. Training is conducted only by accredited educational institutions in many cities.

If during your stay you do not want to drastically change the habitual rhythm of life, but the need for new impressions, dating, finally purchase - the best option would be to do in European countries.

Holidays in England provide an excellent opportunity to raise their cultural level - selection of museums in London and Edinburgh (the capital of Scotland) will satisfy the most diverse wishes. History lovers can do the search of the legendary island of Avalon, browse a full legends and ghosts medieval castles and abbeys. Hooked on gardening and landscape design will find decent role models. Shopping in London will leave no one indifferent.

Individual will enjoy tours to Scotland and Ireland, north and north-west of Britain. Country wild Highlanders struck majestic nature, located in perfect harmony with the strict medieval architecture in Scotland. A quiet, idyllic rural landscape guarantees for nature lovers vacation in Ireland.

Vseved Travel will help you choose the best route of travel and hotel, which will consolidate an excellent impression of being in the Vealeikobritanii.

Connoisseurs of health resorts, fans of the great musicians - Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, Strauss - simply can not ignore tours in Austria. This country, located in the heart of Europe, has a rich cultural and historical heritage, and, of course, it is the highlight of Vienna. Viennese Waltz, Viennese Ball, Schnitzel has become synonymous concepts, so every self-respecting tourist must "be added to the original source. Austria specializes in wellness programs, using their wonderful natural resources: thermal water, medicinal mud, healing salts. After treatment, you can rightfully please themselves famous Austrian white and pink wines ..

In the heart of Europe is and the Czech Republic, rest in which will help alleviate the everyday stress through wonderfully mild climate, wonderful green landscapes and the hospitality of the population. Czech capital Prague - one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, its architectural monuments can without exaggeration be considered Prague open air museum. Attention Gourmets! Do not walk behind the Czech Republic with its attention: the tastiest in Europe, beer is served with appetizers that nothing is left to do, how to order another beer. Move the shape and health in order during the tour in the Czech Republic may be the world-famous resort in Carlsbad.

Employees Vseved Travel advise on how to spend time in the Czech Republic with maximum pleasure and benefit.

If you are bored with our cool, rainy climate, if you want to shake, draw up, tanned and be charged by solar energy in the months ahead, but long flights you do not like, Vseved Travel recommends choosing things to do in the Mediterranean countries.

Malta - a small island and the state in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. The warm, crystal-clear sea surrounds you on all sides, at your service all kinds of water sports, are especially popular diving and windsurfing. Tired of the abundance of the sun can devote time inspection of historical memoryworkers, since the history of Malta has 6,000 years. In the evening you expect countless taverns again along the coast; Maltese cuisine is a delicious blend of meat and fish Arab Mediterranean. Vseved Travel offers special attention to the heightened level of security in the country, so let the children and teenagers on holiday in Malta can be a light heart.

A combination of emerald seas, superb sandy and pebbly (any flavor) of beaches with relatively low cost holiday offers tours in Turkey, a stable high demand among the Russian (and European) tourists.

Turkey - the country is large, only the length of the coastline is 8,500 km. Along the sequence of the resort town: Bodrum, Kemer, Antalya, Side, Alanya. A huge number of hotels of various star-most in the struggle for guests compete against each other level of service and additional services. Vseved Travel help you choose the only hotel, which is satisfied in all respects just you. However Turkey - is not only the sea. And now you can still find and view traces the rich history of the country: the place of death of Troy, amphitheatres and circuses since the Roman Empire, the fortress and caravanserai of Seljuk era.

If you absolutely want to change the situation, see, feel and carry with them the memory something unusual, your choice - travel to exotic countries in South-East Asia.

Least of all time it will take a flight to Thailand, and here before you state with a centuries-old history, tropical climate, lush and exceptionally friendly people, the Buddhist faith and ready to execute almost anything you desire. Tours to Thailand unthinkable without visiting the capital - Bangkok (translated from Thai - "City of Angels"). This huge modern metropolis has preserved many interesting historical monuments. To rest at the seaside tourist resort of Pattaya is usually chosen on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand and sharps Phuket in southern Thailand. The sandy beaches with aquamarine water, first-class hotels, whimsically-spicy Thai cuisine - in short, a paradise for travelers.

Vseved Travel is ready to help find a paradise place and lovers nightlife, and wishing to find peace and privacy. "

Adjacent to the Thai government is Malaysia. Tours to Malaysia will leave an unforgettable impression on a combination of modern high-tech civilization of large cities and places absolutely wild, especially in the insular part of the country. Although the official religion in Malaysia - Islam, the inhabitants of the country's friendly and hospitable, although some travel advisories still exist. Fans of ethnographic excursions will discover many interesting things on the island of Borneo. Always warm sea, soft sand and beautiful seascapes guarantees vacation on the islands of Penang (for the more energetic) and Langkawi (for trying to relax). Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur will give you a European shopping and intense nightlife in conjunction with the exotic Asian markets with absolute security of life and recreation.

To the south of Malaysia is the largest by number of islands (more than 18 thousand) state in the world - Indonesia. Tours to Indonesia will allow you to cross the equator, were in another hemisphere, and a very different world. It is hot and humid (tropical), exotic fruits hanging from the neighboring trees, fluttering birds and butterflies incredible. The official religion of the countries - Islam, but in the main resort island of Bali, Indonesia, the inhabitants profess mainly Hinduism, which guarantees the tourist friendliness and helpfulness of staff, not only hotels, but the entire population of the island.

Tours in Bali will provide an opportunity to enjoy: diving in the coral thickets, surf on sandy beaches, renowned Asian spa treatments at hotels and numerous shops. Indonesian cuisine on seafood above all praise. Vseved Travel is just beneathtake for you hotel accommodation prices that will pleasantly surprise you.

Between Malaysia and Indonesia is located a tiny island nation of Singapore, which has nonetheless a bright personality. City-Country - is a crossroads of world trade routes, the intersection of two civilizations: the East and West Babylon real peoples, religions, cultures and traditions. You will surely get the pleasure of shopping in the beautiful shopping centers in Singapore, a wonderful Chinese-Indonesian cuisine, and the clean, well kept city, but if you're lucky - the sight of a religious holiday or festival one of the many ethnic groups in Singapore.

Vseved Travel will help you find a tour to Singapore and decide the best time to visit this country.

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