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Social networks are not just a fun way of staying in touch with your ex-classmates, but also a potential threat to the Russian economy - at least, this is what the latest research shows. How dedicated are Russians to online communication? And how detrimental is that to their work?

Margarita Prilepina, a Business Development Director of the investment company Prisyazhnyuk’s Group. Investment management and Member of the Board of Directors of the media-portal has commented the situation to English-speaking audience of the radio "The Voice of Russia". To listen the interview you can go through the link of the radio The Voice of Russia web site. We are recommend to start listen the interview from 6th minute of recording.

The text of the interview:

Do you believe that this activity can amount to serious losses for the economy?

Colleagues, in order to answer on this question, let’s together conduct a response analysis. What are we going to study? Here's an example, I quote: "In 2012, Russians spent on social networks, on average 25.6 minutes a day (12.8 hours per month) also being at work." Please pay your attention to the words "also being at work." So it is possible that from these 25 minutes only 5 minutes peoples spend in social networks being at work. But even if all 25 minutes are spend at work, then dividing them by 8:00 hours of working day, we will get an indicator that a person spends to visit the social service of 3, 2 ​​minutes per hour.Do you think that during this time can cause such significant damage to the economy? Of course not. At the same time, the researchers did not take into account that in the "smoke break" employees spend an average of 12 minutes per hour - so much time is spent on it to walk from the workplace to the smoking room, smoke, and come back. But, after all, if we will multiply 12 minutes for 8 working hours, you will get 1.5 hours. This is the reason of serious losses for the economy. Well, considering the fact that nicotine leads to side effects, such as illness and premature death, we can say that it is mine for the economy. But from the social networks no one died yet.

At the same time, there is a specialized social medias, which are aimed at improving financial literacy, exchange of experience among business people, business training, etc. One of such projects is the international business portal

Also, there are a huge number of private businessmen who are developing their business through social media to attract customers and sell goods and services. With that, not only private businessmen also and representatives of big businesses and the banks, and insurance companies have their accounts in social networks. Thus, we see that social networks are the engines of the economy rather than its brakes.

The latest proof of my words is: The company which held so illiterate and rather populist research also has a page on the social network.

Many employers ban access to social networking sites from workplace. Do you think this is a good idea?

Yes, indeed, almost all employers in Russia have imposed restrictions on employee access to social networks. We can see the logic in this. And, the first fact of that - when you are an employer, you are paying your salary to employees for the result of work, not for the fact that he left comments on the pictures of their friends on social networks. Well, the second item is the payment of the cost of traffic of Internet Service Providers.

How many time employee spends in Internet so many the employer pays for it.

Including, and for visiting a social networks. This is a question of economy in the first for the company.

Have you thought that some people use social networks for work?

Yes, of course. Here I am, and our staff day and night sit-in social media – this is our work. But, we can see how develop sales of our people/users through their pages, and this means that not only we by ourselves are using social networks to work. It really is very beneficial.

Should something else be done to curb the amount of time employees spend of social networks?

I just remember the words of a great businessman Eugeniy Chichvarkin: "If your employee stinks, then he should not be washed. He should be fired! "Let's be clear: if you pay the employee salary, and his work is not associated with social networks, including sales, or the attraction of clients, etc. by using social media, but he (the employee) continues to put "like" in the pictures friends, he must be dismissed. Because you can not show respect to someone who has no respect for you and your company.

Divvy up




38 99 10 InstaForex
13 30 0 ICS Travel Group
12 5 0
10 43 26 TUI
10 6 1 Prisyazhnuk's Group. Investment management
9 23 74 Alpari
9 16 10
9 10 0 Meridian Tur
8 8 18 Sberbank
7 10 0 EnergoKapital

Weak link

12 1 17 Fakel insurance company
12 3 11 PrivatBank (Ukraine)
10 9 52 HomeCreditBank Kaz
10 1 8 Russian Standard Bank (Ukraine)
9 2 11 Raiffeisenbank Russia
8 0 7 Rosgosstrakh
8 0 7 Tinkoff Credit Systems (TCS)
6 0 3 Guta insurance company
4 0 7 Renessans Kredit Bank
4 0 4 Porsche Leasing Ukraine


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