International Fund Bank

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Information International Fund Bank

The bank was established in November 1993. "01" in December 1994 the Bank was registered by the Central Bank as a commercial bank Mosfilmbank "and assigned the registration number 3163. In 2001 the bank changed its name to Commercial Bank International Equity Bank Limited Liability Company (Licensed Bank of Russia № 3163 from 09.11.2001). In 2002, the International Equity Bank became a party to the securities market, having received a license for brokerage, dealer and depositary activities, as well as the activities of the management of securities. From 10 February 2005. The Bank became a party to the deposit insurance system (number 596). The Bank is a member of the stock section of Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange. The Bank is a party payment systems MasterCard and Visa. The Bank is a member of the Association of Russian Banks. The Bank is working to attract, placement of funds into transactions with foreign currency and securities transactions The Bank has a rating of B + (A sufficient level of solvency), assigned by the rating agency "Expert RA" Size subscribed and paid up share capital of the Bank: 181 000 000 Information on the Bank on the Bank of Russia: CB "MFBank" Ltd. Information about persons who are directly and / or indirectly (through third parties) have a significant influence on the decisions taken by management of the bank is located on the page of our bank on the Bank of Russia CB "MFBank" Ltd. Client Bank's policy is based on the principle of establishing and developing long term partnerships. Bank specialists provide clients with assistance on a wide range of issues related to finance and cash management. Offering customers services, the Bank provides customized solutions - according to the situation and customer needs.

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