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Address32 B. Dmitrovka p. 1, Moscow, Russia, 127994
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Information Rosagrosnab Leasing

Rosagrosnab was created in 1992 through the consolidation of supply of seven ministries and departments of the former State Agricultural Committee of the Russian Federation.
Rosagrosnab a link between agriculture and industry sectors. Rosagrosnab has long-term business relationship with more than three thousand suppliers of material and technical resources, and all agricultural producers, including more than 24 thousand farms, 280 thousand peasant (farm), 30 000 farms of industrial enterprises, gardening associations, etc. etc.
Annual supply of equipment, spare parts, repair materials and other resources of Russian agricultural sector is 35 - 40 billion rubles.
Rosagrosnab cooperates with foreign firms and domestic organizations.

All these years Rosagrosnab cooperates with the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia. In 2008, a five-year Agreement on Cooperation between the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia and OAO Rosagrosnab "to implement the State program of agricultural development and regulation of markets for agricultural products, raw materials and food for 2008-2012, implementation of investment policy in the field of technical modernization of agricultural production, improve quality of service modern farm machinery and other areas.
The main task and goal of Rosagrosnab - is to increase installed power of the Russian farmers.
The uniqueness of Rosagrosnab, primarily in the fact that it comes to agriculture, food processing and agricultural industries virtually the entire range of inputs from the sophisticated technology and equipment to any site and details, ensuring optimal balance of price and quality.
In the supply of sophisticated technology held its Technical Services: adjustment, warranty and maintenance. Rosagrosnab implements this technique at lower prices due to large purchases and dealer discounts.
Arriving at the regional warehouses Agrosnab spare parts and other logistical resources are an input control that allows customers to eliminate the supply of substandard products.
Currently Rosagrosnab in accordance with the "Concept Development Joint Stock Company Rosagrosnab" approved by the Board of Directors Rosagrosnab, implementing a program to create a modern trade and service associations and affiliates, which will increase the supply inputs, as closely as possible resources for consumers and significantly reduce the time of removal equipment failures during the operation, will use its own working capital and bank loans

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