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Built in 1903 by famed Russian architect Alexander Ivanov, Hotel National has been an awe-inspiring historic landmark for more than a century. Located at the very heart of Moscow's historical, cultural and business center, the magnificent hotel opens spectacular vistas of the Kremlin and the Red Square.

The historical grandeur and understated elegance of the property, together with the The Luxury Collection's signature services and state-of-the-art technology, makes Hotel National a favorite destination for sophisticated global explorers visiting Moscow.

The National was built by famed Russian architect Alexander Ivanov, a member of The Emperor Academy of Arts, and welcomed its first guests in 1903. Before the Revolution, the hotel accommodated foreign diplomats, politicians, royalties, business tycoons and famous performers. After 1917, the National was proclaimed the First House of the Soviets and became a residence of the Bolshevik government accommodating top communist leaders including Vladimir Lenin and many others.

The hotel's restoration in the 1930s marked yet another milestone in achieving even greater grandeur. Artifacts from Russian Tsar palaces and aristocrats' estates were added, and the hotel was decorated with museum-quality furniture, exceptional paintings and exclusive art objects. To this day, visitors can still marvel at the majority of these precious antiques forming part of the National's interior.

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