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"IvTeme" - International Business Portal!

No need to surf through the Internet for feedbacks about banks anymore, insurance companies or travel on the isolated, not credible sites. Your attention - our project! Here is the objective and the most recent information about Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Kazakhstan, South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Cyprus, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada and the U.S. companies. At your disposal ratings, reviews, personal customer experience, professional's analytics, reference information, jobs and resumes in the whole all information which is needed for making a decision! You can also use our online service a unique service, "one-stop service", where you can receive a loan or credit card, make a deposit to insure the lives and property, go on vacation. And all this in one mouse click! 

Find a decent job! You can use the section "Work" for finding a vacancy. And employers would be helpful to check with our bank resumes. Advise your insurance company or complain to your broker to dissuade everyone from unscrupulous tour operator or Call in to your friendly bank! Help others make the right choice. Create your own team! Invite your friends or colleagues, associates or colleagues. Distribute orders and requests, and send files and documents from a special store, reward and praise the most active members of their team, do the bulk mailing of news and messages throughout their team with one click! Register, chat, meet. You can put your audio or video materials! Discuss the "pitfalls" in dealing with this or that organization and merely make new useful contacts!


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Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Publication date: 22 марта 2011
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38 99 10 InstaForex
13 30 0 ICS Travel Group
12 5 0
10 43 26 TUI
10 6 1 Prisyazhnuk's Group. Investment management
9 23 74 Alpari
9 16 10
9 10 0 Meridian Tur
8 8 18 Sberbank
7 10 0 EnergoKapital

Weak link

12 1 17 Fakel insurance company
12 3 11 PrivatBank (Ukraine)
10 9 52 HomeCreditBank Kaz
10 1 8 Russian Standard Bank (Ukraine)
9 2 11 Raiffeisenbank Russia
8 0 7 Rosgosstrakh
8 0 7 Tinkoff Credit Systems (TCS)
6 0 3 Guta insurance company
4 0 7 Renessans Kredit Bank
4 0 4 Porsche Leasing Ukraine


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