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Form of incorporationCJSC
AddressDai lane, lane 20, Moscow, Russia, 107045
Phone+7 (495) 604-80-80
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Information Republik bank

"National Bank" is a dynamic organization, part of the banks stable without signs of financial difficulties. Registered with the Central Bank of Russia in November 16, 1995, is actively working on the Russian market of banking services for more than 10 years.Operates on the basis of license for banking operations in rubles and foreign currency, issued by the Bank of Russia 06.11.2002, № 3277. Has a certificate number 853 participants Deposit Insurance System (deposits) of individuals in the banks of the Russian Federation of 11.08.2005, the Federal Security Service licensed the right to carry out technical maintenance, dissemination of encryption (cryptographic) facilities, the provision of services in the field of data encryption systems electronic document. Bank's share capital amounts to 395 million 092 thousand rubles. Associate member of the international payment system VISA International. Participant of the international information and dealing system REUTERS. Member of the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange.Talk of the interbank settlement of international SWIFT, a member of the Russian branch of the National Association SVIFT.Imeet "Opole" in Vladimir. Official auditor financial statements for the year 2006-2008 - OOO "The Board of Tax Consultants."

Provides businesses and the public the following types of products and services:

  • cash management services: standard operations, as well as remote management of the account using the "Client-Bank";
  • credit transactions, including loans with insufficient funds on the settlement (current) account ("overdraft");
  • deposit operations;
  • depository services;
  • service export and import contracts;
  • carrying out international settlements;
  • currency exchange transactions;
  • issuing and servicing credit cards of international payment system VISA International (payroll services, corporate cards, acquiring);
  • collection of funds;
  • management consulting.

Attractive in terms of deposits and interest rates will allow you to have a stable income and be confident in the future. Our range of bank deposits makes it possible to quickly select a profitable contribution depending on your needs. Participation of the National Bank's deposit insurance system - an additional guarantee of your money. It allows investors in the insurance case, get a refund within 700 thousand rubles.

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