Zaschita Nakhodka insurance company

Form of incorporationOJSC
AddressPredtechenskiy B. lane, building 22, Moscow, Russia
Phone+7 (495) 580-63-20
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Publish date2010-08-25


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Information Zaschita Nakhodka insurance company

"Zaschita Nakhodka Insurance Company"  began its work in 1992, JSIC as a branch of "Protection" (Moscow). In 1997 it was transformed into an independent company, "Zaschita Nakhodka Insurance Company"  (Nakhodka).
The company is a member of the All-Russian Insurers Union, Russian Union of Insurers, the Far Eastern Insurance Association, the All-Russian Union of emergency commissioners.
National Rating Agency assigned a "Zaschita Nakhodka Insurance Company" rating is A - a category of high reliability, the second level.
Such features as reliability, stability, financial results, the desire and ability to meet the increasing needs in the insurance industry support sustained customer interest in the company. Today "Zaschita Nakhodka Insurance Company" is  a network of branches and representative offices in the Far East, from Vladivostok to Yakutia and Kamchatka.
Customers include many of the leading enterprises of the Far East - the shipping companies, ports, ship repair and fishing enterprises, firms of different ownership forms, tens of thousands of people in the region.
Compared with the first year of independent work, "Zaschita Nakhodka Insurance Company" increase collection of insurance premiums tenfold. The company currently operates to 29 destinations, insuring property, goods, land and water transport, and various types of civil and professional responsibility, working in the field of voluntary health insurance. Among the first the company received a license to conduct compulsory third party liability insurance and sold the first Russian policy avtograzhdanki.
The main objective of the company to provide customers with the quality of service. The man who decided to entrust his life insurance, child safety, homes, property, cars, then should not doubt, worry. If it happens a problem - Nakhodka always stand on protecting the interests of his client, support in difficult situations. It was in that sees the key to success guide JSIC "Zaschita Nakhodka Insurance Company".
In order to billetingnnogo improve service delivery, ensuring the economic sustainability of the company, introducing the latest achievements in engineering and technology, improve productivity, increase customer satisfaction in services, the company "Protection-Nakhodka have implemented a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001 - 2001. This standard is most common in the world.
October 2, 2007 JSIC "Zaschita Nakhodka Insurance Company"  received a certificate of conformity of Quality Management ISO 9001-2001. The presence of the company a certificate of implementing the standard quality management system ISO 9001-2001 will be especially important after Russia joins the World Trade Organization.

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