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I am working in a finance company. The clients (physical persons as a rule) who are interested in opening of bank account in Europe, often appeal to me about that. What for? I Don`t Know. Пардон In Russia our company didn't render such services, and I didn’t have any information about it. When I was on a business trip in Cyprus, I decided to test all delights of client services in one of the local banks. OK I chose the first meet on a way – one of the Bank of Cyprus’s branch office (the largest financial institution of Republic (type, the Sberbank for Russians or PrivatBank for Ukrainians)). As it seemed to me, with services it won't be problems, because Bank of Cyprus has bank subsidiaries in Russia and Ukraine. Also Bank has branches in Limassol, Cyprus where the most of peoples speak Russian. Unfortunately, there was no Russian-speaking employee in whole huge office of Bank. I started to explain, that I want to open a debit card to put my own money on it. I did not need a bank loan. It took them a while to coordinate the possibility of issuing such a card to a non-citizen, but as soon as they heard that I was going to make a deposit right away, they opened an account for me in a minute. Eventually, I went to the cash desk and made a deposit. Right after that, all of a sudden, I was told that my account is blocked, and I will be able to use it again as soon as I (Attention!!!) provide them with my Russian bank account statement + utility bills! My question “what’s for?” was answered with: “we need your bank account statement to prove your financial solvency (paying capacity), and the utility bills to prove that you are a Russian citizen.” Сошел с ума? Злюсь I have made a deposit on a debit card in cash, doesn’t it prove my paying capacity? And everything about my citizenship is clearly written in my passport, which they have made a copy of! Бешусь As a result, my money is on their account, and it is blocked, so I had nothing to do but obey their stupid rules.

This happened to me on 25.01.2011. Through one day I returned home and immediately requested my account statement from the bank, I was dealing with in Russia. I will not tell the name of the bank, be sure, it is one of the largest bank in the world, and the amount on my account was also quite impressive.

So, everything necessary was sent to Cyprus, as well as a letter with a request to inform me about their decision to one of the bank’s employee Elena Trigonaki Evripidou. But I didn’t receive feedback from Elena not on a next day, not on a next week. Finally, after two weeks, I managed to reach Elena by phone, and she wondered why the documents were in Russian? “Because it is the official language in Russia, and all of the documents are made in Russian!” - I answered. Then Elena explained to me that they need to translate received documents and she doesn’t know how long will it take.

I was angry. I decided to call to the Moscow representative office of the Bank of Cyprus It took some time before I explained them what happened. And one the offices employee Zhanna Nikolaeva started to investigate on my issue. I don’t know what she did, but I finally got my card on the March, 11, after 46 days (1.5 months).

As an outcome: It’s just a card. In Russia (optionally - in Ukraine), another major bank can issue for you named card through one day after your request. Usually, there are no bureaucratic problems with that. When you order a debit card they will never ask you to prove your financial solvency. It is also hard to funding an account, and to reach them by phone, because they have siesta all the time.

I can say now, opening a foreign bank account, will bring you nothing but constant headache. But now I can explain to customers how to open an account abroad. What for? I do not know ... Пардон




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