Ivteme.ru User Agreement

Ivteme.ru User Agreement

1. Subject of the User Agreement.

The subject of present user agreement (further UA) is the relations between LLC «Site of Sites»  (MSRN (BIN) 1107746589581, Russia, 105062, Moscow, Pokrovka street, d. 43, k. 3, office 21), further «Site of Sites», the Internet service being the legal owner of a website on the internet by the address http://www.ivteme.ru (further "Internet service", and equally "Service"), and you(users of Internet), further "User", concerning the usage of  this internet service and other services placed in it (further «IvTeme.ru Services»). Using the IvTeme.ru Services, the User agrees and undertakes to meet the conditions, described in the present agreement. The usage of certain services at IvTeme.ru, can be regulated by special rules, applicable to the given service («Service Agreement») ,which are also a part of the given UA. Terms of service of IvTeme.ru can be changed without any special notification.


  1. UA regulates the order of use of all Services at IvTeme.ru. Positions of present UA are obligatory for all Users registered by means of Internet service, or started to use any of Ivteme.ru Services.                 


2. The description of services.


2.1. IvTeme.ru gives access to a range of internet services, including various communication Services, goods and services, entertaining Services, the information content-projects, accessible by means of any personal computer and various mobile devices, existing now, as well as those to be developed in future (IvTeme.ru Services).


2.2. The user realizes and agrees that IvTeme.ru Services can contain advertising, and that presence of the given advertising is a necessary condition of use of IvTeme.ru Services. The user understands and agrees that IvTeme.ru Services can contain messages from IvTeme.ru, such as office messages, automatic notification messages and news mailings.


2.3. All Services IvTeme.ru are given «as is». IvTeme.ru does not take up any responsibility for a delay, removal, non-delivery or impossibility to load any data by the User, including User’s options, and also does not bear responsibility for conformity of any service to the purposes of the User. All questions of granting access to the Internet, purchases and adjustments of the corresponding equipment and software products are to be solved by the User himself, not involving the present UA.


2.4. The user agrees that IvTeme.ru can carry out gathering of the depersonalized statistical data about Users of IvTeme.ru Services.


3. The UA entrance into force.


3.1. The present UA and also changes and additions to the present UA, enter into force from the moment of their publication at the address http://IvTeme.ru/pages/agreement.html. The consent of the User with conditions of this UA is expressed in the form of tick pressing «I accept conditions of terms of service» and button clicks to "Register", registration in any of IvTeme.ru Services, or by actual use of IvTeme.ru Services.


3.2. The user has the right to refuse acceptance of changes and additions to the IvTeme.ru Services which means User’s refusal to further use of the IvTeme.ru Services.


4. User’s obligations on registration within the limits of Internet service.


4.1. In order to start using IvTeme.ru Services, the User should undergo the following procedure of registration:


4.1.1. To fill the registration form;


4.1.2. To accept the conditions of present UA in a way described in section 3 above. Thus IvTeme.ru does not check the information given by the Users and does not bear any responsibility before third parties for accuracy and reliability of such information, does not regard the information given by the User as personal data which is subject to special protection according to the Federal law from July, 27th, 2006 № 152-FZ «About personal data»; thus the User agrees on processing and transfer to any third parties of the registration data of the User in case it is necessary for granting any IvTeme.ru Service to any User. The User undertakes not to place on IvTeme.ru Services any photo, e-mail address, and other personal information of other Users or any third parties without their personal consent to such actions.


4.2. In the end of the registration process the User receives a login and a password for access to IvTeme.ru Services. The user personally bears responsibility for safety of his login and password, and also full responsibility for all actions which will be made by the User while using IvTeme.ru Services.


4.3. The user agrees that IvTeme.ru have the right to collect and store the registration data of the User (in case of reception of those), within the Internet service in order to grant execution of positions of present UA.


4.4. The user undertakes:  to immediately notify IvTeme.ru on any misuse of the password and login or about any other infringement of safety.


4.5. The password can be restored by the User only in case he provides us with exact, true and full information specified at registration of the login account. If the User has neglected exact, true and full registration information the IvTeme.ru Support service cannot restore the password. IvTeme.ru recommends to protect the password and to fill the registration form of IvTeme.ru Services precisely, truly and full.


5. Rules of behavior of a registered user.


5.1. The user bears full responsibility for all information, data, text, programs, music, sounds, photos, drawings, video, messages and other materials (further "Materials"), publicly published and-or transferred by means of IvTeme.ru Services. It means that the User, instead of IvTeme.ru, is completely responsible for all materials which the User loads, sends, receives, transfers or otherwise does accessible by means of IvTeme.ru Services. IvTeme.ru does not supervise the materials transferred by means of IvTeme.ru Services, and does not guarantee accuracy, completeness or quality of these materials. The user understands that using some IvTeme.ru Services, he can see materials which can be regarded as offensive, doubtful or disputable and thus the User understands that responsibility for placing of such materials is born by the User who has placed them, not IvTeme.ru.


5.2. The user agrees not to use IvTeme.ru Services for:


5.2.1. Loading, sending, transfer or any other way of publication of materials which are illegal, harmful, menacing, offending morals, slanderous, breaking the author's and other intellectual property rights, propagandizing hatred and-or discrimination of people to racial, ethnic, sexual, social signs, and also breaking the accepted norms and ethics of dialogue in the Internet, or complicating work of other Users with IvTeme.ru Services;


5.2.2. Infringements of rights of minor persons and-or causing harm them in any form, including moral;


5.2.3. Infringements of the rights of various minorities;


5.2.4. Claiming to be an other person-representative of an organization and-or community, including the IvTeme.ru Support service, workers of IvTeme.ru, moderators of forums, or giving any false and deceptive information;


5.2.5. Loading, sending, transfering or any other way of publication of materials which the User has no legal rights on according to the law or any agreements with the third parties;


5.2.6. Loading, sending, transfering or any other way of publication of materials which break any, the rights of the third parties, including, the right to trade marks (service marks), a trade secret, and-or for infringement of any other intellectual property rights of the third parties;


5.2.7. Loading, sending, transfering or any other way of publication of the ad info not resolved in special way, including mass, unapproved and-or not expected by the addressees, not requested mailings of advertising character, including departures, with a considerable quantity of repetitions to one mailing address ("Spam"), and also a numerous parcel of letters to one addressee, not co-ordinated with it;


5.2.8. Loading, sending, transfering or any other way of publication of any materials containing viruses or other computer codes, files or the programs intended for infringement, destruction or restriction of functionality of any computer or telecommunication equipment or programs, for realization of unapproved access to computer systems, equipment or data of third parties, and also serial numbers to commercial software products and programs for their generation, logins, passwords and other means for reception of unapproved access to paid resources on the Internet, as well as  placing links to the above-stated information;


5.2.9. Infringements of any norms of the operating Russian and-or international legislation, and the legislation of foreign states;


5.2.10. Gathering and storage of personal data of third parties;


5.2.11. Sending mails to someone's electronic address by means of Services, and placing in any IvTeme.ru Service texts, photo and video data containing rough, obscene or offensive expressions and offers;


5.2.12. Sending electronic letters containing text, photo or video data of pornographic character, and placing of the specified materials in IvTeme.ru Services;

5.2.13. Infringements of normal work of the Internet service by use of “pop-up" windows;


5.2.14. Placing links to resources of any network, which maintenance contradicts the current legislation of the Russian Federation.


5.3. The user undertakes not to use the automated scripts (programs) for information collection and (or) interactions with the Internet service.


5.4. Except the cases established by present UA, and also the current legislation of the Russian Federation, no materials can be copied (are reproduced, processed, extended, displayed, published, downloaded, transferred, sold or used otherwise entirely or in parts, without the preliminary permission of IvTeme.ru, or the corresponding legal owner, except for cases when the legal owner has evidently expressed the consent to free use of a material.


5.5. The user has the right to place by means of IvTeme.ru Services objects of the intellectual property which rights of use belong to the User.


5.6. Any use of IvTeme.ru Services, except resolved by the present UA or in case of obviously expressed consent of the author (Legal owner) to such use, without the preliminary written permission of the Legal owner, is strictly forbidden.


5.7. In case of receipt of complaints from legal owner to infringement of his rights protected by the law, the content placed by the IvTeme.ru User has the right to remove or to block access to it without informing the User and without assigning any reasons.


5.8. The user agrees that he bears a private responsibility for any materials or other information which he loads or otherwise leads up to general data (publishes) in frameworks of IvTeme.ru Services or with their help. The user cannot load, transfer or publish materials on IvTeme.ru Services if they have not been created personally by the User or on which placing the User does not have permission of the corresponding legal owner.


5.9. In case of receipt of claims from the third parties connected with placing by the User of materials, the User independently and at own expense will settle the specified claims.


5.10. IvTeme.ru have the right to do copies of materials for the purpose of streamlining and simplification of the publication and storage of the User content on the Site.


5.11. The user agrees that he bears a private responsibility for any information and for any materials which he places on IvTeme.ru Services, and for his (User’s) interaction with other Users.


5.12. As the Internet service is opened for general access and not as an information resource, IvTeme.ru does not bear any responsibility for any materials placed by Users.


5.13. IvTeme.ru is not responsible for any behavior of the Users using IvTeme.ru Services, both in a "online" mode, and out of the Internet ("offline").


5.14. According to the current legislation, IvTeme.ru have the right, under the first requirement of  an authorized state structure, to hand over to such state structure available information on the User.



6. Noncommercial use.

The user agrees not to reproduce, not to repeat and not to copy, not to sell and not resell, and also not to use in any commercial objective any objects of the intellectual property placed on IvTeme.ru Mail or other IvTeme.ru Services, except those cases when such permission is given the User from outside IvTeme.ru.


7. General provisions on use and storage of the information and materials.


7.1. The user admits that IvTeme.ru can establish restrictions in use of IvTeme.ru Services, including: terms of any materials placed by the User, the maximum quantity of messages which can be sent or received by one User, the maximum size of the post message or disk space, the maximum quantity of references to IvTeme.ru Services for the certain period of time, etc.


7.2. The user gives IvTeme.ru the non-exclusive license for use, including reproduction, distribution, processing, public display of the materials placed by the User within the limits of Internet service for public viewing, as IvTeme.ru content, accessible in Internet service IvTeme.ru, with a view of advancement of Internet service and its advertising. The author of the materials specified in the present point reserves all property and personal non-property copyrights, according to the legislation of the Russian Federation and the international agreements.


7.3. In case of removal of materials by the User, the rights mentioned in point 7.2. The present Terms of service, will be automatically withdrawn, however IvTeme.ru has the right to keep archival copies of the content placed by Users.


7.4. IvTeme.ru has the right to forbid the automatic reference to IvTeme.ru Services, and also to stop reception of any information generated automatically (for example, "Spam"). IvTeme.ru at own discretion can stop to keep in contact with the networks breaking norms of the operating Russian and international legislation, a condition of present UA, and also the standard principles of the interaction which has developed in a network the Internet.


8. Cancellation of the login account of the user, and the removal of materials placed by the user.


8.1. The user agrees that IvTeme.ru reserves the right to itself to terminate the login account of the User at any time without notification of the User.


8.2. Login account cancellation can be made, in connection with following reasons: infringement of positions of present UA and-or Service Terms of IvTeme.ru, its parts, and also additions to it, being their integral part; by corresponding inquiry of authorities, according to the legislation of the Russian Federation; the long period not uses of the login account for access to IvTeme.ru (as it is certain by the present UA); in connection with unforeseen problems of technical character or the circumstances connected with safety; because of creation of hindrances and any infringements, concerning IvTeme.ru Services, including use of any devices, the software, etc.


8.3. IvTeme.ru reserves the right to change (moderate or delete any information published by the User, including the information (materials) breaking interdictions, established by section 5 of present UA (and also any other interdictions and the requirements containing in the current legislation of the Russian Federation), including personal messages and comments to stop, limit or stop access to any IvTeme.ru Services at any time for a reason or without assigning any reasons, with the prior notification or without that, without being responsible for any harm which can be caused to the User by such action;


8.4. IvTeme.ru have the right to remove an account (login account) of the User and (or) to suspend, limit or stop access to any of Site services, if IvTeme.ru will discover any signs of infringement of conditions of present UA by the User, without assigning any reasons of such actions. IvTeme.ru reserves the right to remove any materials placed by the User within the limits of IvTeme.ru Services, without assigning any reasons and without prior notification of the User, however IvTeme.ru will make all possible efforts for avoidance of such situations.


8.5. Cancellation of the login account of the User assumes: restriction of access of the User to all IvTeme.ru Services; removal of the password and clearing of a private office of the User of letters, files and removal of personal options.


8.6. The user has the right to stop use of the login account in IvTeme.ru Services, having used the special interface on login account removal. The correspondence containing in the User’s private office, and materials, placed in IvTeme.ru Services will be deleted without restoration possibility.


9. IvTeme.ru rights on objects of intellectual property.


9.1. The user admits and agrees that IvTeme.ru Services contain audiovisual products, computer programs, trademarks and other objects of intellectual property. the rights on them belong to IvTeme.ru (and-or to counterparts IvTeme.ru) and cannot to be used without reception of the preliminary consent from IvTeme.ru.


9.2. The user undertakes not to reproduce, not to copy, not to modify, not to sell, not to distribute the content and Internet service programs, entirely or in parts, except for cases when the UA, or using conditions of any IvTeme.ru Service, allows doing that.


9.3. IvTeme.ru grants the User a nonexclusive and nontransferable to third parties right to use the software provided by IvTeme.ru Services, on a single computer, provided that neither the user nor any other person, with the assistance of the User will copy or modify this software, create a derivative work of software, to penetrate into the software to produce program codes, sell, assign, lease, transfer to third parties in any other form the rights to the software provided to the User in this UA, and also modifying, including the purpose of obtaining unauthorized access to it.


10. The trade mark.

The trade mark is registered and it’s legal owner is LLC «Site of Sites». Any use in the Internet of the specified trade mark is allowed only with the consent of LLC «Site of Sites», and in the presence of an obligatory hyperlink with an IvTeme.ru logo on it.

Use of the image of a trade mark (logo) of IvTeme.ru or logos of web services or any IvTeme.ru projects in any ways, including unauthorized placing in print or other carriers, are considered as infringement of the rights of a trade mark.


11. IvTeme.ru Responsibility.

The user understands and agrees that:


11.1. The User uses IvTeme.ru Services, «as is». IvTeme.ru does not take up any responsibility, including the conformity of IvTeme.ru Services to the purposes of the User;

11.2. IvTeme.ru does not guarantee that Services will correspond to requirements of the User; will be given continuously, quickly, reliably and without errors; results received by the User, will be exact and reliable; quality of any product, service, information and the other Services received with use IvTeme.ru, will correspond to the User’s expectations and that all errors in programs will be corrected;


11.3. Any material (objects of intellectual property), received by the User with use of IvTeme.ru Services, the User uses on one’s own fear and risk, thus the User is made responsible for any damage which can be inflicted to the computer of the User and the data of the User as a result of loading these materials;


11.4. IvTeme.ru does not bear responsibility for any direct or indirect losses which have occurred because of impossibility of IvTeme.ru Services usage; because of unapproved access to communications of the User; because of roguish activity of the third parties, including designation of IvTeme.ru trade mark in the mercenary purposes.


12. Confidentiality.


12.1. IvTeme.ru can use technology to identify users, including the use of cookies, and use these technologies for marketing purposes and studying of user preferences. In this case, such identification is impersonal and generalized, IvTeme.ru does not monitor the actions of individual users and does not transfer information about them. Nevertheless, these data may be provided to the authorities in accordance with Russian legislation.


12.2. Within the service IvTeme.ru Services, confidentiality of personal messages and  information about IvTeme.ru users are respected, except for cases stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation.


12.3. There is no censorship in IvTeme.ru Services. User agrees that his outgoing and incoming messages are processed by automated programs of IvTeme.ru for a complete transmit, receive and storing of messages. The mandatory automatic processing of messages is a necessary set of measures to detect malicious code in the transmitted information, as well as the possibility of removing or blocking them (depending on the complexity of the code, and services software of IvTeme.ru). These measures have been taken solely to protect the users' desktops, as well as to reduce the load on the IvTeme.ru equipment.


12.4. The user agrees to his registration data usage by IvTeme.ru, with a view of "targeting" on IvTeme.ru Services. Users mail addresses will not be transferred to third parties.


13. Aprinciple of respect of the rights of net surfers.


Users of Services IvTeme.ru undertake to respect the rights of each other and the third parties, observe the settled traditions and ethics in the Internet, not to abuse the possibilities of IvTeme.ru Services with a view of contradicting norms of the current legislation, and also terms of moral.


14. Information security.


14.1. The user has no right to provide access to any other information of IvTeme.ru Services, besides his own information of the User in one’s private office, and also to public information at IvTeme.ru.


14.2. At detection of persons who are carrying out actions, qualified as spam on IvTeme.ru, IvTeme.ru has the right to block access of Users.


14.3. IvTeme.ru does not bear responsibility for safety of User’s login and password if the User uses external Internet sites to access his private office.


15. Breaks in rendering of IvTeme.ru services.


15.1. IvTeme.ru has the right to make preventive works on IvTeme.ru, with temporary suspension of IvTeme.ru Services work.


15.2. In case of force-majeur circumstances, and failures in hardware-software complexes of the third parties co-operating with IvTeme.ru, or actions of the third parties, directed to suspension or the functioning termination of all or parts of IvTeme.ru Services, the suspension of work of IvTeme.ru Services without the prior notification of Users is possible.


16. Feedback and consideration of claims.


The user who’s  rights and interests are violated by the actions of IvTeme.ru, may refer a claim. The claims are considered by the IvTeme.ru Customer Service in accordance with the general order of consideration of requests received. IvTeme.ru Customer Service E-mail: info@ivteme.ru. All questions, concerning work of IvTeme.ru Services can be addressed in the Support service of users at info@ivteme.ru, and also to other addresses of user support of corresponding IvTeme.ru Services.

The user and IvTeme.ru agree that all possible disputes concerning this UA will be resolved according to norms of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.


17. General information.


17.1. Nothing in the User agreement can be understood as an establishment of agency relations between the User and IvTeme.ru, relations of association, relations on joint activity, relations of personal hiring, or any other relations which directly have been not provided in the UA .


17.2.Court  recognition as void of any position , or not subject to compulsory execution, does not mean invalidity or impracticability of other positions.


17.3. Inactivity of IvTeme.ru, in case of violation of provisions of the UA by the user or other third parties, shall not deprive IvTeme.ru the right to make appropriate actions to protect its interests later.


18. Changes and additions to the User Agreement.


18.1. The User has the right to refuse acceptance of changes and additions to the UA made by IvTeme.ru. This will mean refusal of IvTeme.ru services usage by the User.


18.2. In case of adoption of legal acts by the Russian Federation authorities, partly or fully affecting operation of IvTeme.ru and IvTeme.ru Services, IvTeme.ru reserves the right to make any changes, of the operation of IvTeme.ru service, aimed at bringing the IvTeme.ru activity in accordance with new regulations. The use of any IvTeme.ru Service means unconditional acceptance of the provisions of this User Agreement by the User.




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