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Informācija Co-operative Central Bank Ltd

For more than 70 years, on top of the scale of priorities of the Central Cooperative Bank is the man. The Bank monitors the overall economic and social developments, listen to their problems and needs of people and intervene either directly or through its members, aiming at promoting economic and social levels. Does supportive policy to the wider goals of society which is oriented to the continuous improvement of living standards and creative development of the intellectual horizons of our people.

The vision of the Cooperative Central Bank is identified with the anthropocentric character. Surrounded by the Co-operative principles and guided by their content. Cooperative Values based on self-help of aftoefthynis, democracy, equality, justice, solidarity, honesty, openness, social responsibility and care for our fellow man. The man remained at the center of vision.

The Cooperative Central Bank envisions a society with stronger collaborative features. A society where all people regardless of race, color, race or religion, will work creatively and develop culturally responsive deserved the historical traditions of our country. He envisions a cooperative movement more powerful. A movement which will be modernized and continuously reinforced to always be able to play a leading role in the current economic and social developments, with the sole aim of better serving citizens and society.

With this vision, the Cooperative Central Bank will continue to serve faithfully the Cooperative Institution and complies with collaborative result in dreams of its founders, the expectations of its members and the hopes of society. We continue to strengthen the collaborativeytotita and to strengthen its capital base to enable it to respond to complex modern needs of its members and, if necessary, to develop initiatives in new sectors of the economy in the wider European context.

Within these guidelines, the Central Cooperative Bank:

  • constantly upgrading its human resources by combining modern scientific knowledge with a rich collaborative experience
  • utilizes the latest technology and enhancing its technological infrastructure,
  • enrich and improve our products and services offered to members and customers
  • monitor and study the market fluctuations and problems that arise and operates accordingly,
  • strengthen its ties with all the cooperative societies and consciously promotes cooperative solidarity
  • monitor closely developments in the European Union and managed according to various topics of interest to the Cooperative Movement, etc.

The high activity of the Central Cooperative Bank is the secure foundation for implementing the vision. Yesterday's vision is now reality. The vision of today is certainly the reality of tomorrow.

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