Guta insurance company

Forma reģistrācijasCJSC
Adrese107023, Moscow, st. Electrozavodskaya, 27, p. 8
Tālrunis+7 (495)799-97-99
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Informācija Guta insurance company

CJSC "GUTA-Insurance" was established in 1994. For fifteen years in the market, the company became one of the leading financial institutions in Russia. Her clients are over 60 thousand enterprises and more than half a million individuals. GUTA-Insurance is included in the top 20 largest insurers in Russia in terms of share capital. In 2009, the company's authorized capital was increased and now stands at 1.390 billion rubles. The company participates in the following insurance pools: Russian Nuclear Insurance Pool (RYASP), the Russian anti-terrorist pool (RATSP), non-profit organization "The National Union of agrostrahovschikov" (but "HCA"). The company is a member of the Russian Union of Insurers (RAMI), the All-Russian Insurance Association (ARIA), the Union of Aircraft Engine (ASSAD), Russian Association of Leasing Companies Rosleasing ", Association of Environmental Insurance, National Union of Insurers of liability (NSSE), the National Union Agrostrahovschikov (NSA) , the Russian association of aviation and space insurers (RAAKS), non-commercial partnership "Self-Organization of Arbitration Managers Alliance. GUTA-Insurance provides insurance clients to 18 types of insurance, based on 92 of the rules of insurance (including compulsory motor TPL). Reinsurance protection is provided by cooperation with the leading international insurance and reinsurance brokers, such as MARSH, AoN, Willis, Robert Fleming (RFIB). In 2008, an independent rating agency "Expert RA" has appropriated GUTA-Insurance "rating" A + ", meaning" very high level of reliability.


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