Form of incorporationJSC
AddressBr. Kasimov street, Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, Russia, 47 420 101
Phone+7 (843) 229-81-11
Company web-site
Publish date2010-08-18


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Information ANKOR BANK


Dynamic and reliable in all respects Bank - this is a modern portrait of the "ANKOR BANK" - a financial institution with an efficient management system, harmoniously developing mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients.
Infrastructure of the Bank in Kazan, represented by a network of main and five branch offices and three operating cash desks outside the site. In addition, in 2003 opened an operational office of Bank in Cheboksary, and in 2009 opened a branch in Moscow and an operational office in Vladimir.
Since its inception, the Bank's shareholders and the administration chose a course of building the institution into a universal financial institution. Customer care, optimal care, providing first class banking services, professional staff, always have been, are and will be the hallmarks of "ANKOR BANK" (JSC). We realize that first and foremost respect and trust of our clients is our main asset.
Balanced and reasonable and not risky investment policy, and constant monitoring of the liquidity of the Bank allowed him to survive during the crisis and ensure the safety of funds of shareholders, customers and investors.
Over the years the Bank has become a modern and well-oiled mechanism, not giving failures and has unlimited potential for further development. Hence the constant search for ways to develop the Bank has led us to the conclusion that we can successfully develop in a dynamic world around, taking the value of the global business community as a whole, and the business banking community in particular.We strive to be a good partner for all our clients.

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