Form of incorporationJSCB
Address656056, Russia, Barnaul, Anatoliya st., 6
Phone+7 (385-2) 26-14-25
Company web-sitehttp://www.goldengrain.ru/
Publish date2010-08-31


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Information Zernobank

Joint Stock Commercial Bank "Zernobank" (JSC) was established in December 1992. The main founders of the bank - grain processing enterprises, elevators, bakeries Altai Territory - creating a bank, solved the problem of financial support activities for the production and sale of flour and bread, as well as guaranteed payments between participants in the grain market of Altai. Decision proved correct. The Bank is not only fulfilled its objectives, but also has become a financial core formed a financial-industrial group "Golden Altai grain." Combining more than 60 businesses, including agricultural producers, enabling them to survive the collapse of the centrally planned economic system of management and the emerging market economy. Have developed a fundamentally new integration, horizontal and vertical connections provided by a reliable bank. CB "Zernobank" (JSB) has a strong position in the regional financial services market, for all the years of no one gave a reason to doubt his reliability and integrity. The Bank has established a strong logistical base - built two self-building, opened in the Altai region and the city of Barnaul, five branches, more than ten additional offices, equip them with high-tech equipment and advanced software. Bank's customers receive the full range of banking services, which include: comprehensive cash management services, including through the "Internet-Bank", collection of cash proceeds, lending, free funds to deposits, maintaining foreign currency accounts, operations at the market of promissory notes , issuance and maintenance of corporate and personal cards "Zernobank-Union Card", transit fees. "Zernobank" is a member of the Association of Russian Banks and the Altai Banking Union, over the years has established and maintains a productive relationship with the leading banks of Russia, participates in the financing of investment projects of the Altai. Steadily increasing financial performance of the bank, meeting the requirements of the Bank of Russia on the basic standards. CB "Zernobank" developing steadily and confidently looks to the future.

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