Prisyazhnuk's Group. Investment management

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Informācija Prisyazhnuk's Group. Investment management

CJSC “Prisyazhnuk's Group. Investment management” was originated in 2010 by a team of specialists in banking and investment, coming from the biggest banks of Moscow. The idea of creation of the company appeared in the beginning of 2009. Throughout the year we have been investigating competitive environment, purchasing equipment and software, elaborating the line of products and working out all the business processes to provide our Customers with all needed qualified support from the very beginning and, consequently, to have a profit from working with us.      
The priority directions of the Group are the investments into the conservative financial credit documents   (“the blue chips”), direct investments in the IT-projects and the arranging of funded loans, bill debts and IPO of the legal bodies.  Our aim in the process of estimation of the investment prospects of projects is to save and increase the finances of clients.
 At the moment we are among the 70 biggest investment companies in the Russia.  
 In achieving this goal we consider “The strategy of the company development”, elaborated by one of the five biggest international auditing and consulting agencies – BDO (Russia). BDO is also supports us with audit on RAS and, in the future, on IAS.
Permanent enriching of the product line, new services, infrastructure development, entry into new regions – these are the core factors of the market success of the company. High staff efficiency and competence are the basic aspects to make these factors successful in the future. We succeeded to bring up a team of like-minded people, professionals, who are able to handle any problem – that’s the main value of the Group, its keystone of the successful future.
 Our purpose is an investor, who applied to us once, to become our long-term customer. We reveal cooperative attitude and open-mindness so the new projects and new trends development are in the company’s plans.   CJSC “Prisyazhnuk's Group. Investment management” is ready for the changes along with the constantly high quality of our service.

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